How to Comb the Furry Hood of a Jacket

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Whether it's on a cotton hoodie or leather trench coat, a faux fur lining is a decorative accent that adorns many types of jackets and their hoods. Sometimes owners damage this furry lining by putting the jacket through a washing cycle with too much heat, which can fray, matte or felt the delicate material. Repair your jacket's lining and have the garment looking new again by taking care of the faux fur regularly.

Ensure the faux fur lining is completely dry. Avoid making more tangles or mattes in the lining by allowing it to air dry. Read the clothing's care tag before placing the jacket in a dryer, as many of the manufacturers advise against it. If the garment does not include instructions or if you must put the jacket in the dryer anyway, place it in a tied-off pillowcase first and then set the machine to tumble dry on a low heat.

Use a hairbrush to comb out the furry hood. Gently move the brush through the fibers, combing the garment's fur in all directions. Take your time and work slowly, as brushing too vigorously can further fray and damage the lining. Some of the faux fur will probably come off in the brush, but it shouldn't make any noticeable patches or clumps. If the fur comes out in chunks, stop brushing.

Keep the fur-lined jacket clean in the future by spot cleaning the garment with a clean rag and mild detergent to remove small stains. For thorough cleanings, only hand wash the jacket. Use cold water and mild detergent to gently wash the jacket in a sink or bucket.