How to Keep Furry Jackets From Matting

If you're into fur coats and jackets, whether faux or real, one of the biggest problems is the matting. Different factors can cause matting, including getting it wet or just wearing it a lot. Matting makes the jacket look raggedy and old. The best way to deal with matting involves preventive care -- brushing the garment regularly and avoiding getting it wet.

Brush the fur regularly. The best way to prevent matting is by brushing your fur jacket on a regular basis, especially if you are wearing it often. Brush in the direction that the fur is falling, using long strokes.

Wash faux fur -- not real fur! -- only when necessary. If you have just a small stain on your fur jacket, you should spot clean with a dab of water and vinegar. Getting the fur wet, even for washing, could risk matting. If, however, you feel the need to wash the whole jacket, place it in the washing machine on cold, using the delicate cycle. Give the jacket a good shake, then gently brush out any matting that may have occurred in the washer while still wet.

Avoid the dryer at all costs. Under no circumstances should your jacket be put in the dryer, even on air fluff or tumble dry. The dryer is notorious for permanently damaging fur and faux fur. Instead, place your jacket on a clothesline outside to dry. Give it a good brushing once it is fully dry.