How to Stop an Angora Sweater From Shedding

You have a beautiful, lush angora sweater but it won't stop shedding all over your clothes. Soon after you arrive at work you realize the sweater and black pants combo was a big mistake, as you now resemble an angora rabbit. Here are some ideas from the fashionable set on how to stop an angora sweater from shedding.

Enter a deep freeze. If you intend to wear an angora sweater the next day, fold it neatly in a zippered plastic bag and place it in the freezer. The freezing action helps the angora fibers behave.

Pack your briefcase with a lint brush or a lint roller to frequently clean up the shed hair. If you forgot your lint brush, wrap some tape around your hand and periodically clean off your pants.

Choose angora sweaters carefully, and look for sweaters that have a low content of angora fiber, around 10%.

Protect your clothing by placing a jacket or a towel over your lap if you're going to be sitting at your computer at work. Any loose angora fibers will fall on the protected area.

Plan your outfit well. If you want to wear an angora sweater, choose a pair of pants or a skirt made from a material that won't attract the fibers, such as a polyester mix. If you have a black angora sweater, select black pants so the shedding won't show up.

Don't hug anyone, touch anything or wear a purse on your shoulder. If you don't move at all, you can minimize the shedding. Of course, you may inspire gossip, but you will look good, and that's what's important.

Make your own angora sweater with yarn that sheds minimally. You can find fabric stores and websites that sell this product (see Resources below).