The Best Ways to Store Jeans

Close-up of jeans on a rack

foto76/iStock/Getty Images

Just as rugged, long-lasting and trend-proof jeans take on a natural patina from regular wear and cleaning, even the smallest of storage choices can affect the appearance of your denim. While some options keep your jeans crisp, others economize space and give the pants a more lived-in vibe.

Hanging Out

Hanging your jeans flat on a clip-equipped pants hanger offers a space-efficient method for storing jeans -- even compact closets can store an array of denim via hanging, which works out wrinkles and encourages pants to retain their shape. To give the bottoms a slightly more wrinkled, rugged look, hang them by the rear belt loop on a clothes hook. To reduce odors, hang the jeans outdoors for a day.

Folding Up

Folding your jeans helps you stash them in vertically challenged spaces, like shelves or drawers. This method gives your jeans a bit less structure, making them more pliable over time. To fold your denim properly, first zip and button the jeans and fold the waist in half inward. Finish by folding the legs twice, so you can see the rear pocket and label on top.

More Tips

For efficient organization, group your jeans by type of cut -- such as skinny or boot-cut -- whether hanging side-by-side or storing them in folded stacks. You can also group them by color or type of wash. Always empty your jeans' pockets before storing to avoid discoloration or creasing. To eliminate odors without washing, store your jeans in the freezer overnight, followed by 20 minutes in the dryer.