How to Remove Hem Marks

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As fabric stretches and wears, the dye fades. When you let down a hem, this leaves a white line around the bottom of the pants or skirt. Mothers often sew trim such as rickrack around the bottoms of their children's clothes to hide these lines, but this solution is of limited use on adult clothing. Use crayons to replace the color that has faded out. With a light touch and several applications, you can match the color of your garment.

Iron the hem smooth. Choose a crayon that matches the color of the garment.

Draw a thin line of crayon along the hem mark. Do not try to cover the entire mark on the first step.

Place a rectangle of muslin over the crayon for a press cloth. Iron the hem until the crayon melts.

Remove the cloth and add more crayon to the light areas. Repeat this step several times to cover the line, if necessary. Use more than one color to achieve a good match.