How Do I Get Acrylic Paint Out of a Silk Blouse?

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Silk is a type of fine fabric that requires delicate washing and care. When trying to remove a stain from silk, it is especially vital to pay attention to the type of stain. Acrylic paint is a water-based paint generally used for exterior application that can easily stain clothing. Getting acrylic paint out of a silk blouse requires gentle treatment and may take several attempts. Don’t let your silk blouse go to ruin because of an acrylic paint stain.

Read the blouse garment label. Check to ensure that it is not “dry clean only” and that it is safe to wash the blouse in water.

Treat the stain immediately. Blot the paint with a clean washcloth or a cotton swab to absorb as much of the paint as possible.

Buy a stain pretreatment solution especially made for silk. Apply the pretreatment in blotting motions using a cotton swab or clean washcloth. Allow it to set for 10 to 30 minutes according to the product instructions.

Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add a small amount of dishwashing soap -- enough to create suds in the water. Submerge the blouse in the soapy water and allow it to set for a few minutes.

Gently rub the stain between your fingers to remove as much of the paint as possible without damaging the garment. Acrylic paint dissolves in soap and water, so the stain should lift without much agitation.

Hand-wash the blouse in cold water using gentle detergent.

Repeat this procedure until the stain is completely removed.