How to Make Your Own Ceramic Mug Transfers

two ceramic mugs in love image by Maria Brzostowska from

Making your own transfers for ceramic mugs gives you the opportunity to create personalized gifts for the office or for other people in your life that would enjoy them. These transfers can be created with ease and are applied to the ceramic mug via heat. They are permanent and long lasting, making your custom creations ones that will last for multiple uses.

Place a sheet of transfer paper, face down, into your printer's paper cartridge. Power on the printer.

Locate an image you would like to turn into a transfer for ceramic mugs on your computer. You can also create a greeting using your computer's paint or photo editing software. Take your time with this endeavor and use your own creativity or tastes to find what you like.

Resize the image to be about 3 inches tall by 3 inches wide in your paint or photo editing software. If necessary, use a Windows native program such as MS Paint. This assures that the image will not be too big or too small for the mug.

Print the image onto the transfer paper. The transfer paper must be placed into the printer with the filmy side of it facing downward. This is the side on which the image is adhered to the mug or other object. Let the paper sit, face up, for about 2 minutes. This ensures that the ink from the printer has dried on the transfer sheet.

Cut the design out of the sheet of paper carefully. It must be cut down to be small enough to fit over the surface of the ceramic mug.