How to Cover Up Cursing on Shirts

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Shirts with printed graphics and messages are a popular aspect of our culture and society. Some people wear shirts that display their beliefs or opinions, while others wear shirts that simply appeal to their sense of style. Shirts that display a strong opinion or message may have cursing somewhere within the text or images. While you may enjoy wearing a shirt with graphics, you may feel uncomfortable wearing a shirt that displays cursing. Fortunately, there are ways to cover up the cursing without ruining the shirt itself.

Lay your shirt on a flat surface. You should use a working surface that will not be damaged by fabric paint. Cut out a piece of cardboard small enough to fit inside the shirt. Insert the cardboard through the bottom of the shirt. Make sure the cardboard is placed under the cursing that will be covered. Use wax paper instead if you do not have any cardboard.

Push small pins through the shirt and into the cardboard to hold it in place. Open the cap of the fabric paint. Use a color that will blend well with the color scheme of the shirt. Place a small amount of fabric paint on your sponge brush. Apply the paint to cover the cursing. Only place use enough paint to cover the word, as excessive paint may cause undesirable results or ruin the other graphics on the shirt.

Allow the shirt to dry for at least one hour. Leave the cardboard and push pins in place while the paint dries. Check the paint to make sure it is dry before removing the cardboard, as removing the cardboard before the paint dries may result in staining to the back side of the shirt. Wash the shirt in cold water and dry on low heat before wearing. Check the shirt after it is washed to make sure the paint did not smear.