How to Make a Crease in Pants

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Well-creased pants are a requirement for members of the armed forces and police, as well as helping businessmen and professionals maintain a smart and professional appearance. Knowing the best way to crease your pants and maintain that crease allows you to keep your clothes in good condition and show your friends and colleagues your sense of style and decorum.

Switch on the iron and turn it to its highest setting, then place it to one side. Turn the pants inside-out and place them on the ironing board. Lay the pants as flat as possible, with one leg of the pants on top of the other and the seams in the center of the pants. This will position the creases at the edges of the pants.

Pull the pants towards you by either end to remove any ruffles in the fabric and straighten out the crease. Use the iron's steam function to spray the pants with water. Fold back the top leg of the pants, and place the dish towel over the bottom leg. The towel should be placed in line with the waistband, on the zipper side of the pants. Spray the towel using the steam function.

Iron the towel, aligned with the edge of the trouser, pressing firmly on the fabric and moving down the crease from the waistband. Once you have ironed the length of the towel, move it further down the pants leg and continue ironing. Iron the full length of the leg, and remove the towel. Place the top leg of the pants back on top, and repeat the process on this leg.

Turn the pants over, ironing the other sides of the two creases you have created in Step 3. These are your front creases. Iron the creases on the back of the pants leg in the same way, starting with the bottom leg first and completing one side before turning the pants over.

Lift the pants from the ironing board, checking for any unsightly marks or creases which should not be present. Return the pants to the board and re-iron if any areas need to be worked on. Hang the pants by the clips on the skirt hanger, as this will ensure they are not folded or further creased in any way. Once you are happy with the creases, turn off the iron and place it to one side.