How to Care for Adidas Sandals

by Brian Brown ; Updated September 28, 2017

Perfect for the beach, the gym or just running around town on a warm summer day, Adidas sandals and slides come in a wide variety of styles and colors that fit many fashions. One of the most popular brands of sports gear in the world, Adidas has gained accolades in the athletic sandal and slide market with its Fit Foam, a soft, cushioned footbed that contours to your foot. Properly broken-in and cared-for Adidas sandals can provide many years of comfort and use.

Breaking In

Position the adjustable strap on your sandals so your foot fits comfortably, but securely into the footbed. Ensure the sandal will not come off your foot while walking.

Wear you sandals and walk as you normally would. With each stride the Fit Foam bed of rebound foam will contour to your foot's shape and arch.

After wearing them for a few days, tighten the adjustable strap since your sandals will become looser fitting as the Fit Foam adjusts to your foot.


The Fit Foam bed and Velcro strap closure should not be submerged into water, so machine washing is not recommended. Instead take a wet cloth to clean dirt from the footbed, Velcro closure and strap of the sandal.

Use a wire brush or toothbrush to clean dirt from the grooves of the sandal's sole, which is rubber and can be exposed to water for cleaning.

Once cleaned, readjust the strap to comfortably fit your foot. The Fit Foam will retain its contour shape.


  • While the Fit Foam footbed cannot be submerged in water, normal exposure to water from wearing in the rain or around the pool is acceptable and will not damage the sandal or the rebound foam.

    Occasionally spray the footbed with a disinfectant such as Lysol to prevent the spread of germs such as Athlete's foot, commonly associated with open-toed shoes.

    If you normally wear socks with your sandals, you should also wear them while breaking in the Adidas slides to allow for proper adjustment of the strap and accurate contour of your foot.

    The Fit Foam acts like a sponge and will retain water when worn in the rain so be sure to let the sandals dry completely before wearing them.

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