How to Get Rid of Tan Lines on the Feet

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Walking in the sun for a long period of time while wearing strappy sandals may result in tan lines on your feet. When wearing other shoes, the tan lines may be visible and it can look unattractive. There are several ways to get rid of tan lines on your feet ranging from camouflaging methods to erasing methods. These methods will have you proudly showing off your bronzed legs and feet in no time.

Use a foot tanner, every other day for four weeks, to eliminate and even out the tan lines on your feet. A foot tanner is a mini tanning bed that only exposes your feet and lower legs to ultraviolet rays. Apply a tan accelerator lotion to the lighter part of your tan lines before using the foot tanner so your tan evens out.

Expose your tan lines to the sun. Wear topless sandals to expose both of your feet to the sun next time you go outdoors. Topless sandals stick to the bottom of your feet like a second skin and don't have any straps.

Apply a thin layer of sunless tanning lotion to the lighter tan lines on your feet. Choose a lotion that results in a light to medium color. Wait up to 15 minutes before wiping off the lotion to check the color. Apply another thin layer if the tan lines are still lighter than the tan on your feet. Allow the sunless tanning lotion to dry once the color blends well with the overall tan on your feet.

Scrub the skin of your feet with an exfoliating glove or loofah. Scrubbing the skin gets rid of dead skin cells and diminishes the color of your tan gradually. Once your tan is gone, your tan lines will be gone also.

Apply bronzer or liquid foundation makeup to the tan lines on your feet and aim to blend the color with your overall tan. Choose a shade of makeup that is darker than your own skin and resembles the color of the tan.