How to Clean Fur Lining in Shoes

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Fur-lined shoes trap the warmth around your feet, but the sweat-inducing fabric can create an odor after a few wearings. Some shoes have removable fur or faux-fur liners; others have liners sewn into the footwear. You can care for either type of shoe easily with the right products and cleaning techniques. Cleaning fur regularly will keep shoes looking and smelling good longer, saving you money on comfortable, winter shoes. Always consult the manufacturer's cleaning tag or instructions before you attempt to care for fur-lined shoes.

Cleaning Sewn-in Lining

Brush the insides of the shoes with a shoe brush. Turn the shoes upside down and give them a good shake to remove any debris you may have brushed up.

Dampen a soft cloth with water and a dab of gentle, liquid soap. Clean the fur by rubbing the soapy cloth over the surface of the fur, lightly. Pat the fur with a dry cloth to dry it. Allow shoes to dry overnight before wearing them.

Sprinkle baking soda inside the shoe to kill odor, if needed. Leave the baking soda in the shoes overnight, then shake the powder out before wearing. If you prefer, spray the inside of the shoes with deodorizing shoe spray instead of using baking soda.

Fluff up the fur by spritzing the fur with water, then blow the fur dry. Set the blow dryer on the "Cool" or "Air" setting -- do not use heat -- then use to dry the fur and restore its softness and shape.

Removable Fur Liners

Flip the heel inside out and peel the back of the liner from inside the shoe. Some shoes have rivets that keep the liners in place. Disconnect the liner at the rivets. Set the shoes aside.

Handwash the fur liners in cool water and non detergent soap. Rub the fur with your fingers to work out ground-in dirt and debris.

Rinse the liners with cool water to remove the soap. Press them in a soft, fluffy towel to soak up excess water.

Lay the liners flat to dry. Never dry fur liners in a dryer. This could shrink the liners or change the shape of the insoles.

Replace the liners once they dry, attaching them at the rivets or snaps.