How to Apply Leather Luster

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Mr. Paul Paquet, a former New York State trooper, invented Leather Luster after experiencing frustration with the frequency that he had to polish his boots and belts when using other polishers. According to the official Leather Luster website, the company supplies polish to high-level law enforcement, military personnel and athletes. While the company does offer to polish your shoes themselves for a small fee, you can easily use this product at home, giving your leather boots or shoes a brilliant shine in no time.

Open all windows and doors of your cleaning area to make it as well-ventilated as possible. Squeeze a quarter-sized amount of the pre-cleaner onto your terry cloth rag. Scrub one of your shoes vigorously. Repeat constantly until you have removed all caked-on grease and dirt. If your shoes are especially dirty, you might need to use an entire can of pre-cleaner. Allow the shoes to dry for 10 minutes.

Apply a single coat of Leather Luster polish to the entire surface area of each shoe. The underside of the can's lid has an attached brush. Use that as your applicator. Set the shoes in direct sunlight and allow them to dry for four to six hours.

Place the tip of your pinky onto the top of the shoe in an inconspicuous area. The polish should be completely dry. Apply a second coat of polish to each shoe. Allow this coat to dry for four to six hours in the sun again.

Using small circles, buff each shoe with your steel wool pad once they are completely dry. This will give the shoes a drastic shine.

Apply a final coat of polish, slowly and carefully. This final coat may display tiny little bubbles; blow on them to get them to disappear. Re-place the shoes in the sun and have them dry for four to six hours once more.