How Do I Preserve Python Skin Boots?

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

If you’ve snazzed up your wardrobe with a pair of python skin boots, you’ve made quite an investment. These boots don’t come cheap. To keep your new python skin boots looking gorgeous, give them the care they need. Snakeskin is a fragile leather. Keep the boots out of the sun, store them in a temperature controlled environment and don’t store them in plastic, as snakeskin needs to breathe. Take care of your boots while you’re wearing them and when you’re not and your python skin boots will last for years.

Keep the boots clean. After each wearing, use a soft, damp cloth to clean dust or dirt from the boots. Avoid spilling anything on your boots. Oils, alcohol or acetone can permanently damage the skin

Dampen the cotton cloth slightly with plain water, then wipe with the direction of the scales for deeper cleaning. Snake scales are water resistant, so soap products and excessive water will run off the scales and be absorbed into the membrane. Excess water and detergent can cause drying, resulting in scale curling. Plain water is all that's necessary.

Use the soft sable brush to gently remove dirt and dust underneath the scales. Be careful not to lift the scales.

Store your boots in a place that is cool and dark. UV light is harmful to snakeskin and will cause it to dry out and the scales to lift. Any extended exposure to heat and cold will dry the skin. Keep the boots in the box they came in, in a closet.

Apply specially formulated snakeskin conditioner if you wish to condition the boots. Do not use products meant for smooth leather, as it may leave a residue that will build up around the membranes that hold the scales.