How to Clean Cotton & Polyester Blends

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Cotton and polyester blended material is, by nature, strong and durable. The only serious problem that you may have with these materials is that they are highly susceptible to oil stains. Once an oil stain occurs, the stain must be treated immediately. If the oil stain--such as cooking or commercial oil or paint--is left untreated, dried in the dryer or ironed, the stains will be next to impossible to remove.

Read the label on the fabric to determine whether it is acceptable to place the fabric in the dryer or if it must be laid flat or hung up to dry.

Spray the fabric with a stain remover on any stain that is visible.

Rub two sides of the fabric together to help remove stains. This must be done with all stains.

Wash in the washing machine as usual. You can add a laundry booster, such as a powder like OxiClean or Borax.

Dry as per the instructions indicated on the tag. Either toss in the dryer on appropriate settings, hang on a clothes hanger and place somewhere in your house like a shower curtain, or lay on a flat surface to dry.