How to Make Slippery Body Oil

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Luxurious scented body oils are not only great for your skin, but also great to use for a massage. One advantage to making your own body oil is that you can make a scent that appeals to you by simply changing a few of the ingredients. Homemade body oils are easy to make with a few select ingredients found at your local health food store.

Visit your local health food store to find the ingredients. Most health food stores will carry all of the ingredients needed. If the store does not carry them, they can be ordered for you.

Find a glass or plastic bottle to store your oil in. The bottle must be able to hold up to 1 1/2 cups of liquid. Use a container that has a lid to seal your oil.

Place the rose petals into the bottle first, if you are using them. These are for decorative purposes.

Place the coconut butter in a small bowl. Fill a larger bowl halfway with warm water. Place the small bowl of coconut butter into the large bowl filled with water. This will gently melt the coconut butter into a liquid.

Place the funnel into the mouth of the bottle. Pour the melted coconut butter into the bottle. Add 4 tbsp. of macademia oil, 4 tbsp. of sweet almond oil, 4 drops of sweet orange essential oil, 4 of drops sandalwood essential oil, and 4 drops of frankincense essential oil to the bottle. Place the lid on the bottle and tighten it.

Shake the bottle well to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Shake again before each use.

Decorate the bottle with ribbon or lace, if desired. This is a good idea if you are using the oil as a gift.