How to Apply Body Oil

Body oil makes skin appear lustrous and supple while giving the skin much needed moisture. Along with adding moisture and sheen, most body oils are free of the sometimes abrasive chemicals used in lotions and other body applications. Body oil can also restore moisture to your skin during the harsh winter months that tend to dry out otherwise healthy skin. While body oil is relatively easy to apply, always prep the skin before applying body oil so it can thoroughly penetrate the skin and work its magic. The prep is easy, quick and painless.

Cleanse your skin of all perfumes, lotions and soaps. Body oil penetrates the skin best when there are no other chemicals or substances blocking its access to the top layers of skin.

Exfoliate your skin using a gentle skin exfoliating scrub and a natural loofah sponge.

Warm your skin before applying the body oil if your skin is running a bit on the cool side. Apply warm towels to the skin, or rub vigorously to warm up the skin’s surface.

Apply the body oil to your skin shortly after taking a hot bath or shower. Body oil is best absorbed by moist, warm skin.

Apply the body oil generously. Remove any excess body oil by blotting it off with a dry towel.

Allow the body oil to dry and thoroughly penetrate your skin. Let the body oil soak and dry on your skin for roughly five minutes before dressing.