How to Cook Garfish

uncooked fish

Jfanchin/iStock/Getty Images

Garfish, also known as needlefish, garpike or simply gar, is a large predatory fish that lives in slow-moving brackish water throughout North and Central America. The gar is long and slender with armored skin, which can make it difficult to clean and prepare. Smaller species of gar, such as the long-nose gar, tend to be easier to work with and have more tender meat. Gar is commonly used in Cajun cooking and is generally fried or grilled. Grilling is the healthiest option and provides a more delicate, natural flavor.

Scale and clean the fish, if needed. Rub the cavities of the fish with the lemon quarters for flavor.

Mix the oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic and parsley in a bowl. Brush the oil mixture on the fish.

Grill the gar, turning it frequently and adding oil to be sure it does not stick. Cook the fish for about 15 minutes.