How to Make Shaving Gel With Baby Oil

Countless women and men have relied on the moisturizing properties of baby oil to soften skin, remove makeup, polish wood and a whole host of other practical and creative ideas. These moisturizing properties also make it a great ingredient for making homemade shaving gel. The baby oil will help lubricate your skin, creating minimal drag from the razor. This not only makes for a smooth shave, but also protects your skin from razor burn and irritation. It will also moisturize your skin, leaving it baby-soft and supple. Here's how to make shaving gel with baby oil for your own use or to give away as a gift.

Place the beeswax into the double boiler, and then pour in the apricot oil. Put the pan on the stove and turn on the burner heat to medium low or medium heat. Let the beeswax melt, then turn the heat to low.

Pour the water into a bowl. Add the castille soap, glycerin and Borax to the water, and mix these ingredients thoroughly, making sure they are well mixed.

Pour the mixture of Borax into the double boiler. Whisk the ingredients gently but thoroughly to mix them, keeping the heat low.

Measure out the baby oil and lavender oil. Take the double boiler off the stove and then pour in the pre-measured amounts of the oils. Mix the ingredients thoroughly once again, this time concentrating on whisking the ingredients from the bottom of the pan to the top.

Pour and store the shaving gel into an airtight container. A canister, decorative jar or bottle will do, as long as it is airtight.