How to Adjust a Skagen Watchband

Watch image by Aqeel Ahmed from

Skagen Designs, founded in the United States by two Denmark natives, was set up to create unique and affordable timepieces that would be available all over the world. Skagen style focuses on clean designs, using a minimalistic aesthetic to focus attention on telling time. Skagen watches are not difficult to adjust, and come in two forms--the mesh bracelet, and the link bracelet.

Mesh Bands

Place the watch facedown on a soft cloth to prevent damaging the face while working on the band.

Open the clasp, then lift the small slotted secondary clasp that is directly under the main clasp.

Move the buckle to the new position. Check it against your wrist to be sure the size is correct.

Close the small slotted secondary buckle to hold the buckle in place. This changes the length of the band.

Link Bands

Place the watch facedown on the soft cloth to prevent damaging the face while working on the band.

Locate the removable links. These are links close to the buckle that have both an exposed pin in each end, and a small arrow etched on the underside of the link.

Use the driving tool (a thumbtack will work) to push the pin out of one of the links. Be sure to push the pin in the direction of the arrow. Pull the pin from the other side when you can no longer push it with the tool.

Repeat Step 3, removing as many links as needed to resize the band. Alternate sides when removing links, to keep the bracelet balanced.

Connect the band and the buckle, reinserting a pin that has been removed on each side of the buckle. Push the pin in gently in the direction opposite the arrow--a small hammer may be needed, depending on the watch.