How to Reset a Timex Ironman Watch

swim image by Byron Moore from

The Timex Ironman watch was originally created to help people train for a triathlon. Features are included to help monitor your body while you run, swim and bike. It is water resistant to 100 meters deep and has two time zone settings and customizable alarms. After you replace the battery in your watch, it will generally begin running correctly--if not, you may need to reset the memory. To do this, you must carefully follow a few simple steps.

Test the tightness of the screws on the back of the watch by slowly loosening one. Remember how tight they were so you can re-tighten them in the same fashion.

Remove all of the screws.

Place the screws in a safe place so none are lost.

Remove the back of the watch. You may need to gently insert a fingernail or the end of your screwdriver between the watch and the back plate to loosen it. You will see a clear sticker on the battery with an arrow pointing to the AC (meaning All-Clear) pad--a metal plate near the battery.

Touch the AC pad and the battery at the same time with a pair of metal tweezers or paper clip. The watch may display random numbers for a few minutes, but soon will reset to 12:00.

Replace the back cover onto the watch.

Insert the four screws and tighten.