Colibri Pocket Watch Instructions

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The Colibri Company offers a variety of tools and accessories for men, such as lighters, knives, cuff links, flasks, pens and pocket watches. The pocket watches offer quartz movement and are stainless steel and sterling metal. While the outside of the pocket watches are reminiscent of antique pocket watches made popular during the railroad age in America, the watch display is modern in appearance and function. There are a few steps to properly set a Calibri pocket watch.

Twist the crown (small knob on the right side of the pocket watch) counterclockwise until a small pop is heard and the crown lifts away from the watch.

Gently pull the crown out two positions. Two clicks will be heard.

Turn the crown clockwise until the desired time appears on the watch display face.

Push the crown back in two clicks. Turn in a clockwise motion until resistance is felt. The watch is now set.