How to Wind a Woman's Manual Cartier Tank Watch

In 1847, Louis-François Cartier took over the jewelry shop where he had been an apprentice in Paris. The Cartier Jewelry Company was born and continues to offer high-end jewelry and accessories, including watches, in stores worldwide. The first Cartier Tank Watch debuted in 1917 as a tribute to the allied European forces during World War I. The Cartier Manual Tank Watch for women is available at authorized Cartier retailers for around $3,900. Winding a Cartier Manual Tank Watch requires a few steps.

Turn the small knob on the right-hand side of the watch (the crown) to wind the spring in the watch. Wind the crown until you feel a slight resistance.

Pull the crown out until you hear a small click. Turn the crown clockwise until the desired time has been reached.

Push the crown back in one click. The crown will not be pushed fully against the side of the watch.

Wind the crown several more turns to fully engage the gears.

Push the crown back against the side of the watch. The watch is now set.