How to Get Casio Watches Out of Military Time

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Casio manufactures a variety of electronics including musical instruments, mobile phones, digital cameras and various types of watches for men and women such as the G-Shock and the Baby-G. Casio watches come with different features depending on the model. For instance, Casio watches can be solar-powered, shock resistant, water resistant and some models give you the ability to display the time in a military or standard format. You can switch your watch to display the time in 24 hour mode instead of military mode by adjusting its settings.

Press the "Adjust" button displayed on the top-left side of the watch's face.

Release the "Adjust" button once the time setting begins flashing on the Casio's screen. Depending on your Casio model the watch may beep when it starts flashing.

Press the button located on the bottom-right region of the Casio's face and keep pressing it until you get to the "24 hour" time option. Press the "Adjust" button once you are on the "24 hour" time option to set your Casio to display the 24 hour (standard) time instead of the military time. Depending on your Casio model you may be prompted to re-enter the time in the standard time format. If this is the case, set the time using the "Adjust" button.