Instructions for the Casio WVA-105H

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The Casio WVA-105H is part of Casio’s Wave Ceptor model line. These watches feature Atomic Timekeeping, where it receives the time calibration signal from Fort Collins, Colorado. The watch is water-resistant up to 50-meters and it sports a backlight with afterglow. The WVA-105H also sports world time, as it can display time according to 29 different time zones. It has five different alarms. The stopwatch can record up to 59 minutes and can record as little as 1/100 of a second. Utilize the features of the watch by knowing how the buttons and screens work.

Press the bottom left button, or “C”, to change between modes. The top right, or “B”, button will illuminate the backlight. You can transfer between the "world time mode", "alarm mode", "date alert mode", "time recorder mode", "stopwatch mode", "hand setting mode" and "time keeping mode".

Set your home city press and hold down the top left, or “A”, button from the timekeeping screen. Press the bottom right, or “D”, button to scroll through city names in the east, or press the “B” button to scroll through cities further west. Press “A” twice and this will remove you from the home city screen.

Hold the “D” button down to manually receive the atomic time calibration. Place the watch face up with the 12 o’clock facing out a window. Do not operate the clock until the signal reception is complete.

Toggle standard or daylight savings time by holding down the “A” button. Press the “C” button twice, this will show the daylight savings screen. Press the “D” button to toggle between auto, on or off daylight savings mode. Press “A” twice to exit.

Set the alarm by pressing “C” until you enter the “Alarm mode”. Press the “D” button to toggle between the alarms 1-3, target alarm and snooze alarm. Hold the “A” button to select an alarm type. Press the “C” button to toggle between alarm hour and minute. Press the “D” button to increase the time and “B” button to decrease the time amount. Press “A” to exit the screen. Alarms 1-3 and snooze are one-time alarms; the target alarm is a daily alarm. Press any button to stop the alarm.

Enter the “Stopwatch Mode” by pressing the “C” button. Within this mode, press the “D” button to start and stop the stopwatch. Or press “A” after starting the stopwatch to begin a split time. Press “D” to stop the split time.

Set the time manually by holding “A” in the “Timekeeping mode.” Press the “C” button to toggle the city settings; press the “A” button to toggle the hour format, seconds, hour, minute, day, month and year. Cycle east with the “D” button when choosing a city and cycle west with the “B” button. Change daylight savings time with the “D” button. The “D” button will change between 12 or 24-hour time. The “D” button will increase the selected time increment, the “B” will decrease it.