How to Change the Day on a Seiko Watch

Don't let an inaccurate calendar setting on your Seiko watch disrupt your personal schedule. Use your Seiko's crown to adjust the day and date settings of the watch. The crown is the small knob located on the side of the watch, to the right of the watch face. According to Seiko, you should not attempt to set the calendar between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. Making adjustments during this time could cause the calendar to not function properly.

Pull out the crown on the side of the watch to the first click.

Turn the crown until the previous day appears inside of the watch's calendar frame.

Pull out the crown to the second click.

Turn the crown to advance the hour and minute hands until the day you desire appears. If your watch has three hands, pull out the crown when the second hand points to 12 o'clock.

Turn the crown to adjust the time, then push it back into its normal position to complete the setup.