How to Maintain Good Skin After Accutane

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Accutane is a drug that uses large amounts of vitamin A to clear acne and prevent it from coming back. Because of the serious possible side effects of Accutane, a patient only takes it four to five months at a time. This amount of time is usually sufficient in clearing skin and keeping it clear. Patients can maintain the positive effects of Accutane by following a good skin care regimen.

Splash warm water onto your face in the morning.

Squeeze out a dime-size amount of mild facial soap designed for acne.

Massage the soap into your face for a minute, and then rinse it off with more water.

Put a small amount of serum or lotion containing benzoyl peroxide onto your face. Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient that will help clear up any pimples that appear after finishing Accutane.

Wait a few minutes, and then apply moisturizer that contains sunscreen to your face and neck. Accutane increases skin dryness and sensitivity to sun. A moisturizer with sunscreen will help with both of these side effects.

Take off any makeup at the end of the night before you go to bed, and repeat steps one through four.