Benefits of Vitamin C for Facial Pores

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Vitamin C, which is one of the better known antioxidants, helps treat and prevent acne by nurturing and protecting your skin, according to Vitamin C works as a skin barrier to fight against free radicals caused by such toxins as bacteria and pollution. Take advantage of the benefits of vitamin C for your facial pores--it can reduce blemishes and keep your pores clear.

Elastin and Collagen

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Vitamin C fights against free radicals that damage your skin. It also helps rejuvenate your skin by promoting elastin and collagen development. Whether you ingest vitamin C through food or as a supplement, or you use a topical vitamin C formula, it helps produce elastin and collagen while it releases oil and dirt in skin pores, according to Collagen and elastin are essential proteins needed to make new skin, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Wound Recovery

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Another benefit of vitamin C for facial pores is its ability to help heal skin. Topical vitamin C works directly on skin to heal pores as it stabilizes collagen, according to Vitamin C in any form speeds up wound recovery. It directly heals “acne-prone skin” and thwarts the development of blemishes, according to


Unsightly blemishes may be one of the worst aspects of acne. In addition to preventing new blemishes, vitamin C also helps with existing plugged and irritated pores. As vitamin C helps regenerate skin, it also reduces inflammation of pimples, according to Apply vitamin C as a topical solution or take it as a supplement to help with inflammation from acne.

Herbs and Vitamin C

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Herbs recommended for acne because of their skin healing properties often also contain vitamin C, according to the book "Herbal Remedies" by Andrew Chevallier. Such herbs include burdock, yellow dock and red clover. While these herbs primarily are taken orally to detoxify or cleanse the body, they may be used in a topical solution as well, according to "Herbal Remedies." Consult your health care provider before using herbs with vitamin C to improve your facial pores.

Rosewater, which is distilled from rose petals, often is used as an astringent and anti-inflammatory to soothe and tone skin pores, according to "Herbal Remedies." Rose hips contain a large amount of vitamin C, and often are mixed into a syrup to fight infection.