How to Do Two Strand Twists With Extensions

The two strand twist—also known as a kinky twist or twist braid—is a method of styling hair that incorporates hair extensions into existing hair. You can perform this style regardless of the length of your hair and it is quite simple to do. However, this technique takes a bit of time to complete so it is recommended that you enlist the help of a friend to help you strand twist your hair.

Part your hair down the center using the tip of a pick comb, and then section off the hair on one side of your head by tying it with an elastic.

Part a small square section of hair to complete your first twist braid. As you braid, section off square portions of hair for an even design on the scalp. The larger the section you choose, the larger the braid will be. For smaller braids, section off smaller squares.

Divide the squared-off section of hair into two equal strands of hair, and then fold your extension in half and place the center of the extension hair in between the two strands.

Combine one side of the folded extension hair with one strand of real hair and do the same using the other side of the folded extension. You will now have two strands—each with a bit of real and extension hair.

Twist the right strand about 1 inch and do the same with the left strand. Make sure you twist both strands toward the right.

Bring the right strand over the left to form a twist. Continue twisting the strands so they are firm and then fold the right strand over the left until you have worked your way down the entire strand of hair. Keep going even when you don’t have any real hair left to twist into the extension.

Secure the ends with an elastic or singe the tips with a lighter to make the false hair melt and hold the twist in place.