How to Curl the Top Layer of Hair

Even if you have naturally curly hair, you may find times that you only need to curl the top layer of your hair. The top layer is the hair that becomes most mussed when you sleep, so if you want your upper hair to look as nice and consistent as your lower curls, you will have to tend to these tresses separately. Not only is it simple to curl just the top layer of your hair, but will actually only take you a few minutes once you get the hang of it.

Plug you curling iron into an electrical outlet to let it heat up. The higher the heat, the more defined your curls will be.

Brush your hair, so it lays flat and is free of knot and tangles. You need to arrange your part on your scalp how you want to wear it once your hair is curled.

Pull up a 1/2-inch wide section of hair from along the top of your head near your crown and comb it out. The section of hair shouldn’t be thick, just about 1/8 inch.

Open the jaws of the curling iron and place the tips of the section of hair in the curling iron with the tips pointing behind you. Close the iron and turn it toward your back to roll the hair around it.

Lightly spray the hair on the iron with hair spray and wait for the hair to feel hot. If you take the iron off too soon, the hair at the root will not get a chance to become hot and curl.

Open the jaws of the iron slightly and slowly bring the iron down to release the curl from the iron. Spray the curl again with the hair spray to hold the curl.

Move to the left of the curled piece of hair toward your face along the top of your head and curl each section in the same way. Curl along the other side of your head to complete the top curls.