How to Repair Chaco Sandals

Chaco sandals are cosmetically appealing and comfortable. They are designed for the minimalist, not the flashy. People buy Chaco sandals for their durable structure and their long life. The American Podiatric Medical Association has given Chaco sandals their seal of approval.

Clean the remainder of the sandal sole with a dish soap mixture and dry well.

Take a sharp utility knife and cut off the old sole of the sandal.

Find a file with a medium grain and scuff up the area that you just cut. The scuffed area is where the glue will adhere best to the new sole.

Experiment with self-sticking soles-cobblers tend to use contact cement and adhere the new sole themselves.

Arrange the repaired sandals in a vice that applies even pressure on the entire sole of the sandal.

Check to see if the contact cement has dried after a 24-hour period. Walk in the sandals to release any air pockets that still exist.

Scrape any excess glue and sole off with a utility knife. Use a file to smooth away the rough edges.