How to Clean Suede Gray Jordans

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Stylish, gray suede Jordan shoes can be cleaned easily with attention and the right materials. Once you have spent the money on a pair of the designer shoes, invest in some cleaning materials to keep them looking great and new.

Cleaning Suede Jordans

Wipe away loose dirt using a suede brush available at speciality shoe stores, some athletic shoe stores and general discount supermarkets. Use even strokes to push away dirt, trash or other debris stuck on your shoes. For tougher stains or shiny spots, use hard, deliberate strokes in the area of the stain.

Scrub darker marks and dirt with a suede eraser, also available in shoe stores and some athletic shoe retailers. It is not necessary to add water. The suede eraser alone can lift marks that the brush cannot. Large pencil erasers can be used if a suede eraser is not available.

Fight water stains with more water. Wet the entire surface of both shoes using a spray bottle and water. Use the suede brush again to even out the coloring. Water can alter the color of the shoe slightly, so it is important to spray the water evenly on both shoes, so there will not be a remnant of where the water cleaning took place. Dry with a towel.

Allow mud on the shoes to dry. Once it hardens, use a blade to chip off the dried mud. Follow up with suede erasers and suede brushes to clean the surface.

Blot stains like oil, grease or food with a damp towel. Follow by using a suede brush or suede eraser. Some stains may not come out, but cleaning them soon after the substance makes contact increases your chances.

Apply a small amount of vinegar to a stain if the other steps did not work. Rub in gently with a wet cloth and allow the dampness to air dry. Follow with the suede brush. Vinegar can give your shoes an odor and some experts recommend against it, so use caution.