How to Clean Suede Shoes With Water

suede female shoes image by terex from

Suede Shoes are great accessories but they can get dirty from time to time. Cleaning suede might seem difficult but there are ways to remove stains quickly and effectively. Water alone can clean surface dirt and stains on your suede shoes. You should be careful when working with water because too much moisture can be detrimental to the leather.

Stuff the shoes with paper towels to prevent the shoes from losing their shape. Excess water can cause the suede to warp, so the paper towel keeps the suede shoes stiff.

Fill a clean spray bottle with water. You can purchase a spray bottle at your nearest home goods store or supermarket.

Spray the entire suede shoe lightly with water. This method works best if there are water stains or tide marks on the shoe. Water should be evenly sprayed on the shoe. Lightly spraying water on the shoe will prevent excess moisture from being absorbed.

Blot the water with a cloth or paper towel. While blotting the excess water, lightly rub the surface stains away.

Allow the shoe to dry for 30 minutes.