How to Get the Gas Smell Out of Rubber Boot Soles

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There are several ways that gasoline may get on your rubber boots such as from a broken nozzle at the gas pump, accidentally spilling a can of gas or walking through a puddle of gas at the gas station. This can lead to embarrassing moments if you're headed to work or some other public function. The smell of gasoline on your rubber boot soles may cause people to steer clear of you. The boots are not necessarily ruined, as there are ways to get the gas smell out of rubber boot soles.

Wipe the inside and outside of the rubber boot with a cloth drenched in vinegar.

Pour vinegar into the boot so that it completely covers the soles. Allow it to set for two or more hours.

Put the boot into a bucket of soap and warm water and allow to soak for two hours. Use a dishwashing detergent or multipurpose cleaner that includes a degreaser.

Periodically agitate the boot in the sudsy water and use a cloth to clean the inside of the boot, especially the soles.

Rinse the rubber boot and allow it to air dry.

Pour vinegar into the boot if the gasoline smell remains in the rubber boot soles. Allow to set for 24 hours and rewash the boots.

Sprinkle baking soda on top of the soles and allow to sit overnight. Remove the baking soda with soap and water.