How to Clean & Protect Kangaroo Leather


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Kangaroo leather is often used to make gloves, athletic shoes, boots, gloves and even jackets. Its pliability and durability make it a treasured favorite among athletes and motorcycle enthusiasts, because even after getting them wet, they still maintain their shape if properly cared for. Regular cleaning of kangaroo leather is essential to ensuring the material doesn't dry out and crack; there are special polishes you can use to protect the leather and ensure the life of your favorite kangaroo leather product.

Polish your kangaroo leather before wearing to soften and condition the leather. Use regular leather polish or mink oil, gently working it into the leather and softening it so it fits comfortably and doesn't get damaged during regular wear.

Bang shoes or boots together outdoors to shake loose any mud or dirt acquired before cleaning. Failure to get rid of excess mud could lead to mud stiffening the leather and damaging it.

Wash kangaroo leather with warm, soap and water. This can also be used to stretch and fit leather shoes or boots to the specific shape of your feet. Once they are properly stretched, you'll want to stuff newspaper inside before getting them wait to ensure they maintain the desired shape and fit. Don't overstuff, as this could potentially stretch the leather beyond the desired size.

Dry wet kangaroo leather in a cool, dry place. Never place in direct sunlight or in contact with a heating source, as this will dry out the leather and lead to unwanted cracking.

Condition kangaroo leather after washing and drying by applying a liberal amount of mink oil or leather conditioner and working it into the leather. Regular conditioning will prevent your kangaroo leather from drying out and getting damaged.

Allow conditioned leather to sit overnight before wearing as usual to avoid unwanted stretching or cracking.