How to Restore Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots

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Cowboy boots typically use genuine leather to make for durable and lasting wear. The problem with leather is that it starts degenerating over time. Allens Boots in Texas states on its website, "Care for your cowboy boots and other natural western wear in much the same manner as you treat your skin." Treating your boots with this type of care may be the first step to restoring your cowboy boots back to good health.

Clean your boots off. Brush off chunks of soil with a sponge. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust and grime settling on your shoes after a day of walking. Use small, daily preventative actions to avoid scratches or tears on your leather boots. Let your cleaned shoes dry naturally, being careful not to place them next to hot radiators.

Condition your boots when your boots have dried. Saddle soap will help moisten your parched leather, although too much of it will start spoiling the finish. Try not to use too much hard wax polish since this wax can start attracting dust over time. Lanolin-based conditions work the best for conditioning.

Take extra care for cowboy boots made of special materials like snakeskin, exotic leathers and suede. Pay attention to specific conditioners that are meant for your type of boots, like reptile conditioner for alligator boots. Your boots may require special care. For example, wipe snakeskin boots with the grain of the scales, not against.

Rejuvenate your cowboy boots by polishing them, but only do this to boots with shiny finishes. Find a close matching color cream-based polish. Apply this to scratched areas on your leather. Gently brush the cream into the leather with thin layers. Buff the mixture with a soft cloth until you notice the polish working into a glowing luster.

Finish your boots with water-resistant protective cream. A non-silicone water and stain protector works best. Rub it in with a soft cloth and let the boots dry. Stick a boot tree inside your cowboy boots to help retain the shape of them.

Repair your boots. Take your boots to a professional boot repairman. Have this person replace the soles and heels regularly, so that your walking doesn't wear out the boot's foundation. You can resole boots up to sixteen times before they give out. Regular and consistent maintenance will allow your cowboy boots to live longer.