How to Take Care of Oiled Leather Boots

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Like the name suggests, oiled leather boots have an oily shine to them. These boots also tend to be thicker than other types of leather boots and are waterproof. Oiled leather, which is usually made into boat shoes and mountain boots, varies in color. Care for your oiled leather boots by cleaning them frequently and conditioning them every once in a while. By maintaining your boots, they'll last a lot longer.

Wipe down your leather boots with water and a clean rag or a leather cleaning product after each use to wipe off excess dust. Excess dust can dry out your boots.

Moisturize your oiled leather right after you wipe them down with water. If your boots are regularly exposed to the elements, moisturize them once a week. If they're not exposed as much, moisturize them once a month.

Take a clean, dry rag and rub lanolin oil, shoe grease or bee oil into the boots to moisturize them. Refer to the specific manufacturer's directions when determining how much to use.

Let your boots dry for at least 24 hours after moisturizing them. You want the oils to soak into the leather. Keep them away from heat which may dry them out.