How to Lace Vans Classic

by Angelique de la Morreaux ; Updated September 28, 2017

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As each fashion trend attempts to stand out from the rest, the difference is in the details. For the Vans classic, the detail is in the lacing. Not content with following the way to lace they were taught as children, Vans wearers have developed a new way of lacing to stand out.

Place shoe on a clean work space, toe facing toward you.

Insert one end of shoelace into the bottom eyelet of the shoe from top of shoe facing inward. Insert other end of lace into opposite eyelet going from top of shoe into shoe.

Even the bar out. Untwist any kinks in the lace as you pull both ends of the laces together. Even the laces to equal length.

Pick up lace from left side and insert from top to bottom into the first opposite eyelet on the right side

Pick up lace from right side and insert from top to bottom into the first opposite eyelet on the left side

Repeat to the top eyelet.

Pull string underneath the tongue of shoe. Knot and cut excess.


  • Untwist kinks in laces for clean look. You can lace to the third eyelet and tie or to the top eyelet, based on tightness of shoe and personal preference.

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