How Do Girls Who Have Skinny Ankles Wear Heels?

Human leg, close-up

Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images

Strapping stilettos on spindly legs with skinny ankles can put you in a precarious position, especially if walking is required. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the higher the heel, the greater the chance of foot or ankle injury. Wearing the wrong kind of heel can exaggerate a skinny ankle and give the illusion of large feet. By selecting the right shoe for your ankle type, you provide the foot and ankle with the necessary support it needs for good foot health.

Achieve a slender look by avoiding shoes with a clunky heel or rounded toe. Women with small ankles need to wear elegant, thin high-heeled styles with pointed or angled toes. The AAOS says that if you wear high heels higher than two inches, look for shoes that have a sturdy platform under the toe box.

Wear shoes with a firm back and supportive ankle straps that you can adjust. Remember that feet will swell slightly during the day so do not constrict the ankles too severely. Allow for normal foot swelling.

Hide your skinny ankles by wearing thin socks with your high heels. Colorful, thin socks with a folded cuff makes the ankle look thicker. Try socks with an argyle pattern or socks with a multi-colored print. Do not wear tube socks or gym socks with high heels.