Funny Ways to Decorate the Wedding Car


Letting everyone know which car contains the new bride and groom is one of the most fun projects for the wedding party. Some wedding parties keep the car classy, with just a few "Just Married" signs, while others take it to the extreme, and write things on the car to embarass the newlyweds as much as possible. Decorating the wedding car can be as simple or elaborate as the wedding party wants it to be, and many wedding parties like to get a bit silly with their decorations.

Markers and Paint

Many wedding party participants tend to stick to the window chalk and window paint markers to decorate the wedding car. However, there are a few creative variations that allow you to make the wedding car decorations a bit more personal. You can purchase water-based paint markers at the drugstore. These work like a marker with a paintbrush tip. You simply squeese the paint to the tip and brush it on the car windows. Be sure not to get the window paint on the paint of the car. The paint markers also work well on the headlights and tail lights of the car, if you decide to decorate those.

Usually, the bridal party will write something funny on the windows of the car, perhaps an inside joke or "Mr. and Mrs. XXX" on the back windshield. Some may write "Bride" and "Groom" on the passenger and driver's windows. Other bridal parties may write something on the windows referring to an inside joke with the bride or groom, or possibly write something on the windows to try to embarass them.

Themed Car Decorations

These are great for a destination wedding, or a wedding with a particular theme. If the wedding is on a beach, you may want to put a surfboard on top of the car, hang leis from the rearview mirror, and maybe tie white flip flops to the back of the car.

If the wedding has a particular color scheme, try to find decorations that are in that color and put those on the car. The more outrageous the items, the funnier the car will be. One idea is to cover the car completely in balloons in the color for the wedding. It'll be tough for the bride and groom to get into the car, but it will be funny to look at.

You can also decorate the car to match the place the bride and groom will be going on their honeymoon. If they are travelling to an exotic city, think up creative phrases to write on the back window relating to that, or write "Belize or Bust" or something to that effect. You can also post pictures of the city they will be visiting on the car and put cardboard cutout skylines on the car as well.


Some bridal parties opt to use window clings and other wedding objects to decorate the wedding car more easily. Window clings for the wedding car usually say things like "Just Married" or "Congratulations" and are available at many wedding stores or card stores. Other objects that can be used to decorate the car include balloons, paper wedding bells, flowers, inflatable pool toys, paper wedding cutouts, or aluminum cans.

Members of the bridal party usually have inside jokes with the bride and groom, so this would be the time to capitalize on those jokes. They should find objects relating to the jokes and find a variety of ways to affix them to the car. Some ideas would be photos (blown up to poster size), sayings, stuffed animals, and toys.