How to Measure Wedding Archways

wedding arch image by Mat Hayward from

A wedding arch can be the perfect touch to add to any wedding. There are a few places where you can place your arch, such as the elegant arch where you will say "I do" or the arch where your guests will walk through to your reception area. With tasteful decorations and placement your arch will be where many of your guests will want their picture taken. Before you start measuring for your arch, have in mind what decorations you want on it. These will include balloons, lace, ribbon, strings of lights, and any other decorations you see fit for your special day.

Measure the area in which your arch will be placed. Again, if you have one going into the reception area or up front where your ceremony will be, you will need to measure the area. Measure the length of the floor where it will be. Also, keep in mind how deep you want your arch to be. Basically, how wide do you want the walls of the arch to be? They should be at least 15 feet wide. Take into consideration the decorations you want on your walls as well.

Measure your decorations. If you have a balloon arch you need to know the number of balloons that will be on the arch. The reason you need to experiment with this is it will take up part of the length and height of your archway. Before you can figure out any more measurements of your arch you need to know what decorations will be on it.

Take the width of your archway and now figure out how the decorations will affect your archway. If the balloons protrude one foot then your 12-foot-wide arch will end up being 10 feet wide after you take into account the addition of your decorations. However, if you are only lighting your arch and putting lace over it then you will only need a 10-foot archway.

Count how many people will be going through or standing under your arch. If it's just your preacher under the arch and the bride and groom just outside the arch, then the arch doesn't need to be as large. If you are going to have it as a guest's entrance into your reception, then you need to take into consideration multiple people walking through.

Take the measurement of the height of the space you have chosen for your arch and again take into consideration your decorations. Like the previous example, if your balloons protrude one foot and you want at least a 10-foot-high space to walk through, then your arch needs to be 11 feet tall. Also take into consideration who the arch is for. If it's just the bride and groom with the preacher then it shouldn't be more than eight feet tall. This will be better for picture-taking purposes. If it's for groups of people to go through then it's more about the way you want it to look in deciding the height. Then, the recommendation would be no taller than 10 feet.