How to Measure Feet Using a Brannock Device

Since 1927 the Brannock Device has been the industry standard for proper foot measurement. With shoe sizing between brands and styles becoming less and less standardized it's always a good idea to have your foot measured using a Brannock Device before spending money on a new pair of shoes. Your Brannock measurement will give you and the Shoe Fit Specialist assisting you a better idea of what size will be best for your maximum comfort.

Put the Brannock on the floor and slide the width bar out to its widest measurement and the arch length indicator out so that the foot can be easily positioned.

Position the foot on the Brannock with the right heel all the way back into the right heel cup. Stand with equal weight on both feet allowing the foot being measured to spread and elongate as necessary.

Measure heel-to-toe length first by gently pressing toes flat against the device and then looking straight down over the longest toe. Have an assistant or a Shoe Fit Specialist stand facing you and read the measurement from their side.

Find the heel-to-ball arch length by sliding the arch pointer forward to fit the ball joint of the foot. The pointer will indicate the best shoe size choice to fit the arch.

Compare the heel-to-toe length to the heel-to-ball arch length to find the correct size. If the two measurements are the same, you won't have to worry about which size to go with, but the measurements are often different and in that case, it's wise to choose the larger size.

Measure the width by sliding the width bar snugly to the edge of the foot. Find your width based on your previously determined shoe size. If your foot happens to fall between widths it's usually more comfortable to opt for the wider fit for a thick foot and the narrower width for a slim foot.

Turn the Brannock around and complete Step 1 through Step 6 again with your left foot slid back into the left heel cup. It is common for people to have one foot that is slightly larger than the other. Fit shoes to accommodate the larger foot.