How to Wrap a Gift Basket With Cellophane

How to Wrap a Gift Basket With Cellophane. Wrap a homemade gift basket for any occasion like a professional. In just a few minutes a gift giver can dress up a gift basket using a complimentary color or design cellophane wrap. Choose a gift ribbon to complete the look and the basket is complete.

Size the cellophane. Unroll the cellophane and place the gift basket in the middle. Pull each end of the cellophane up around both sides of the basket. There's an excess of about 5 to 6 inches of cellophane beyond the top of the basket. Cut with scissors.

Secure the sides of the wrap around the basket. Lift the cellophane up again around both side of the basket. Fold gently over the top of the basket, so that the cellophane stands firmly upright. Gather both sides of the gaping cellophane at the bottom of the basket to create one panel.

Secure the panel by taping horizontally on both sides to the cellophane wrap around the body of the basket. Repeat on the other end of the basket.

Straighten the appearance of the cellophane wrap in the front and back of the basket. Pull up the end of the cellophane on both sides of the basket, leaving no slack in the cellophane.

Roll the top right corner over once and secure with a piece of tape to the cellophane wrap on the back side of the basket. Repeat with the left corner.

Prepare the wrapping job for the finishing touches. Gather the cellophane at the top of the basket in a bunch.

Wrap clear tape 1 1/2 times around the base of the gathering. The gift basket is then ready for any final embellishments, such a ribbon.