Ideas for Giving Baseball Tickets

baseball in glove image by leafy from

Baseball tickets will surprise any diehard fan. If you’re planning on giving tickets as a gift, but want to avoid boring gift boxes or cards, you might consider creatively wrapping them to complete the surprise.


Consider planting the tickets in your recipient’s mailbox. Address a letter to your recipient and write the team’s name in place of a return address.

Attach to Remote

When a game comes on from your recipient’s team of choice, attach the tickets to the remote. When your recipient sits down to watch the game, they’ll find the tickets.

Batting Cages

You can give your gift at the batting cages. Invite your recipient to hit a few balls. When it’s their turn, tape the tickets to the bat and hand it to them.


You may wrap the tickets in an article of clothing rather than using gift wrap. A jersey or a baseball hat stuffed with tissue paper will do the trick.

Hot Dog Bun

Consider giving the tickets inside of a hot dog bun. Hot dogs are the staple food of America’s pastime. If your recipient is a true fan, he’ll get the joke.