How to Impress a Guy Who Likes Football

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If the man in your life pays more attention to football than to you, maybe it's time to jump on the bandwagon and use your new-found interest in the sport as a way to impress him. The old phrase, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," applies in this case, as well. Showing interest and learning about the sport's history and rules will surely leave your guy impressed with your efforts and give your relationship a boost in the process.

Understanding the Rules

Take the time to learn the rules of football so that you understand what is going on during a game. No man likes a woman who constantly interrupts the big game to ask a question such as, "Why did that player get thrown out of the game?" Instead of being a nag, impress him by using a website such as the National Football League's "Beginner's Guide to Football" ( to learn the basics. There, you will discover the difference between defense and offense and the fact that safety in football doesn't mean wearing a helmet. Be sure to find out if your man likes professional or college football, since the rules do vary a bit between the two leagues. Try to watch a few local football games or view some on television. Watching live helps you connect the rules with the actual sport.

Researching Team Facts and History

Impress your man by learning all about his favorite team. Visit the team's website for a host of historical facts, information about the stadium and explanations of why the mascot is a Texas longhorn named Bevo. He'll be surprised when, as he watches his Texas Longhorns play, you flash the "Hook 'em, Horns" sign after the star quarterback takes it home for a touchdown.

Decorating Your Space

Decorate your shared space with a few football-themed items. Giving up your flowers and lace isn't the end of the world, and giving into your man's love of football by using football-themed decor in the house will impress him. You don't need to turn an entire room into a "man cave," but hanging an old photo of his favorite team or a framed photo of him at a football game shows him you support his love of the sport. Search thrift stores, garage sales or resale websites for an old football to place on your mantle for added decoration.

Cooking for the Big Games

Every woman knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So use this concept when you want to impress your football-loving man. Offer to cook some snacks the next time his buddies come over to watch a game. Select appetizers such as nachos or sliders that they can easily snack on as they watch the game. Impress him further by making football-shaped cookies or decorating a cake using his favorite team's colors.