How to Donate a Bridal Gown in Denver, CO

by Melly Parker ; Updated September 28, 2017

Donate your wedding gown to charity and help others.

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A wedding should be a day every young couple dreams of, but the price is too high for everyone to have their dream day materialize. Donate a bridal dress in Denver, Colo. to give another bride a chance at finding her dream dress for a cost she can afford. Donated wedding dresses should be free of tears or irreparable stains. Wedding dresses aren’t cheap. Give your dress a second chance and donate it to another bride in Denver.

Bring your dress to Goodwill, a store that uses profits to help the disenfranchised. Women frequently go to thrift stores like Goodwill when they search for an expensive wedding dress. In Denver, Goodwill donations are accepted at 68th and Federal Blvd.

Package your gown and fill out the Making Memories donation form. Put the form in with the gown and mail the entire thing to:

Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation 4252 SE International Way Suite J Milwaukie, OR 97222

Send wedding dresses purchased after 2005 to The Princess Project, a program that helps high school girls get dresses for prom. Send your dress to:

Margaret’s Cleaners 5150 Convoy San Diego, CA 92111

Include a note indicating that it's for The Princess Project.

Bring your wedding dress to a Denver Children's Advocacy Center drop-box. Denver locations can be found at


  • If your dress is expensive, consider obtaining a receipt for tax purposes when you make your donation.

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