How to Create a Prayer Calendar

by Ron Augustine

If you're having trouble with your prayer life, you might simply need a little more structure. A prayer calendar will help you plan out when to pray, where to pray and for whom or what. A prayer calendar should be unique to every person, but the concept is always the same--taking time out of your day and devoting it to prayer to God. Praying every day is beneficial, so make each day of the week specific to a certain need or request.

Step 1

Decide what time of the day you want to pray. If you're a morning person, perhaps you'll want to wake up 15 minutes earlier for your prayer time. In any case, make sure that you're intentional about the time in which you pray. Once you've decided on a time, you have to determine what you will pray for.

Step 2

Devote each day of the week to a different prayer topic. Some helpful examples are church, family, friends, personal needs, global events, local events and God's glorification. You could pray for all of these things every day, but it's good to start one day at a time. The stronger you become in your prayer life, the more capable you will be when praying for more things.

Step 3

Download the calendar in the reference link below, and print it out. Add your prayer requests to the days. This will help you remember what you have decided to pray for each day. If you want to pray for a specific family member, write his or her name on the day you have set aside to pray for family. Or you may simply want to write "family" as a general reminder to pray for everyone you're related to.

Items you will need

  • Calendar
  • Pen


  • Following your prayer calendar may be supplemented by a personal Bible study. This will provide much spiritual nourishment for a Christian. You may then be able to reflect on scripture during prayer, or pray that God would teach you through his Word.


  • While it's important to make prayer a regular part of the Christian life, it's vital to remember that prayer should never be habitual. Prayer is a time in which Christians approach God spiritually, and should always be revered as a holy moment in the day, never to be taken for granted.

About the Author

Ron Augustine is a rookie freelance writer and producer who has worked primarily in radio and print media for Chicago Public Radio's Sound Opinions, Relevant Magazine, WMBI Chicago and the Burnside Writers Collective. He graduated Moody College in 2007 with a degree in Communications.