Club Theme Ideas

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Membership clubs are constantly searching for themes as centerpieces for meetings and special club events. This task is usually the responsibility of a program chairman or members that serve as the program committee.

Creating interesting themes that will capture the attention of club membership demands careful research and attention to detail.

Dated Themes

Every year is filled with dates that can serve as themes for a club party. New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are dates that provide a wide variety of club opportunities for theme parties.

General Themes

Use your imagination in creating themes for a club event. Pick any subject with a high degree of mutual interest for your club members and you have the basis for a theme. You might use a popular TV series for a theme that suggests characters and costumes. Exotic international places like Rome and Paris provide many possibilities for party themes.

Time Period Themes

Club members love to reminisce about the good old days. Build a party theme around specific time periods that everyone remembers. The roaring '20s; teen years; the '60s; the '70s; the '80s. Search out music that fits your theme and enhance the atmosphere with decorations appropriate for the slice of time you are featuring.

Historical Themes

History offers a wide variety of themes that provide a broad scope for costume and decorating ideas. Think in terms of the classical periods in France; Greece and ancient Rome. All of the world's cultures suggest historical themes.

Patriotic Themes

Red, white and blue and the flag are a can't miss theme for club events. Encourage members to dress in the colors and don't forget the All-American food themes of hot dogs, hamburgers, apple pie and other favorite picnic food. Indoors or out, this is always a well-received party theme.

Geographic Themes

Certain places in the world suggest getting away from it all. Beach parties, Hawaiian luaus and the islands of the Caribbean are popular themes for casual parties and events. Look for local disc jockeys to provide appropriate music for your special theme.

Masquerade Themes

Everyone likes the anonymity of a costume. People love to dress up as someone that they admire or respect or whom they secretly aspire to be. Be sure to include prizes or awards for a number of specific costume categories.

Theme Planners

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole business of creating a theme for your club? You may want to consider the expertise of event planners who specialize in just this kind of activity. Check with local party shops or hotel concierges in your area for connections to planners.