How to Become an American Girl Doll Model

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American Girl, notably known for manufacturing historic dolls for all age groups, lives by the philosophy of celebrating young girls and their unique goals and dreams for the future. American Girl's wholesome background celebrates diversity, and some girls may dream of becoming American Girl models for print merchandise catalogs and websites. The modeling field is extremely competitive, and few girls will land an official modeling position, but many girls are eligible to model for local American Girl fashion show fundraisers, which are fun and rewarding and take place within your own community.

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Visit the official American Girl fashion show website and view its FAQ section, which details the steps to becoming a child model with American Girl. As of February 2011, American Girl only works with professional child modeling agencies. Email the corporate contact on the American Girl website for further information on how to get in touch with these agencies., a child modeling agency, features clients who work with American Girl. The agency offers consultation advice to parents about helping their children land print and commercial advertisements.

Visit the American Girl website's Fashion Show Locator page for further information on hosting a fashion show. This page gives instructions about how to request manuals for hosting an event, materials needed for setting up a fashion show and contact information for a personal event consultant.

Confirm that your organization meets the guidelines before hosting an American Girl fashion show. If you are affiliated with a nonprofit 501 organization and the funds you raise will benefit U.S. children between the ages of newborn and 12, you are eligible.

Schedule your show in a facility with enough room for an audience of 1,000 to 1,500 guests. If you would like to visit a facility near you to get an idea of the proper space requirements, visit the American Girl fashion show locator's website and view the map provided to see where the nearest scheduled show near you is taking place. You may also call the official American Girl contact phone number 800-360-1861 for additional information on fashion show registrations, yearly show schedules and deadlines within your area.