How to Become a Model in a Kids Clothing Catalog

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There are countless children's catalogs available, and, as all children grow up and become adults, there is always a demand for new models to fill the catalog pages. Children's catalog modeling can give both you and your child an unforgettable experience. If your child looks cute in a photograph, is well behaved with a good temperament, can easily follow instructions and enjoys having her picture taken, she might enjoy being a catalog model.

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Create a portfolio of images of your child to send to a children's modeling agent or directly to a catalog. The pictures can be taken by a professional photographer or, if you are a good photographer, taking the pictures yourself might help your child relax. Look through as children's catalogs to get an idea of the type of photos required. It's a good idea to dress your child in a variety of outfits, as well as seasonal clothes like winter coats and scarves and summer T-shirts You do not need to send photographs of the child dressed only in catalog clothing, but you must keep the pictures simple. Don't send any "funny" pictures, such as the child covered in chocolate. Include a few head shots, too.

Mail the portfolio to agents, enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope. Mention in your letter you want your child to model specifically for children's catalogs. If there is a specific catalog you would like your child to model for, you can also send that company the portfolio directly. Many of the larger catalogs only use models from agents, but small and local catalogs might be interested in working directly with your child.

Prepare for rejection. Children's catalog modeling is a competitive business, and you might receive a number of rejection letters. Even an interview is no guarantee your child will be taken. Make sure your child is under no illusions of appearing in catalogs, and don't inflate his hopes if you are invited to attend any interviews.

Beware of dishonest agents, and check the name of the agent with the Better Business Bureau before you sign a contract. Legitimate modeling agents do not charge a fee, but usually receive around 20 percent commission of any modeling work.

Be prepared to travel if the agency or catalog is not local. The agency or catalog will use their own professional photographer. This may involve traveling to a specific location and a long day waiting for the child's turn to model. Most child modeling takes place on weekends, but can also take place on a weekday. Ensure you or another family member has the time, and commitment, to spend taking your child to the various photo shoots and interviews.